Sarah Treanor


First Impression of your Brand


We have all heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”, from judging products to people, but whether we admit to it or not we all do it on some level. Let’s face it; appearances are important when it comes to first impressions. So have you thought about what first impression your brand identity is giving your customers?

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room.”
- Jeff Bezos (founder and CEO of Amazon)


Firstly, let’s briefly reflect on what is a brand… Your brand is how you present yourself to the world and thus how you are perceived. Think about the personality of your business, this should be the core of your brand. Your brand should be developed around your customers and speak their language. Identify if your language should be professional or more casual? Ensure you reflect this tone across all content of your brand. What emotions would you like to evoke from a customer when they encounter your brand for the first time? It could be comfort, safety, luxury, freedom, happy, giddy, encouraged, etc. The purpose of branding is identifying and consistently applying your business’s mission, personality and values.

In trying to make that long lasting first impression with customers that doesn’t mean your business should try to look the best dressed or look like something it’s not. It means you should make sure the image you put out of your business reflects what it is. Not only is your visual brand identity important to draw new customers in but also to remember their experience with your service so that they keep returning.

In todays world you can bet that before a potential client picks up the phone to contact you they are going to Google your business. So ask yourself when you click into your website what is on your home page, is it instantly clear in your content and visuals what you do? Are you enticing customers? The same goes for your social media pages, advertising, signage, packaging, stationary, etc. Make sure they instantly communicate what you are offering and what customer needs your business is meeting.

Your visual brand identity is vital for first impressions. If you have an effective, striking logo you can bet people will recognise it when they see it again. A strong logo along with complimentary colours, typefaces and thoughtfully selected imagery consistency applied across all marketing materials ensures a cohesive brand aesthetic that is memorable. Don’t make it fussy or overcomplicated or you will confuse your potential customer. Simplicity is often underrated, stay consistent and avoid confusing customers with mixed messages.

As well as the first impression you give with your visual brand identity your content is so important for giving a winning first impression. Do not give unnecessary information or overelaborate your content, keep it concise and to the point, and direct your audience with Call to Action points across your marketing collateral and website. I would advise the best strategy to your content is to be confident and clear about what you are offering, create excitement about the quality, a special offer or unique quality to your service, and finally, be sincere with your customers and listen to their needs.

Conveying your business message with your visual brand identity and content is essential. I hope this blog has helped you to reflect what first impression you are giving your potential customers and how it could be even better!